Antique Removals for the English Heritage – Dover Castle

As a moving antiques specialist, at C. Wraight Removals, there’s no job too big or too small. One of our most interesting antique removals jobs took place at Dover Castle in Kent.

Our client:

Working for organisations like English Heritage always brings with it new challenges. We were recently asked by the curators of Dover Castle to move four cannons that were situated deep within the medieval tunnels of the castle.

The job itself:

Most of our work moving objects at historical sites is for conservation purposes. Teams of curators are constantly battling to keep the objects in great condition and periodically this entails moving them to be cleaned or for essential repairs.

These fours cannons had to be moved as the area where they were situated was in need of restoration – the brickwork and ironwork of the castle’s tunnels needed a complete overhaul and these four cannons were in the way.

img_2081   img_2082   img_2084

The job itself presented a few challenges: no machinery would be able to negotiate the small access points of the castle tunnels, which meant relying on good old fashioned muscle and brain power to move the 600kg artefacts.

Because the four cannons are historic objects, care and attention had to paid to even the minutest of details.

These cannons were on wheels, but due to their age and their historic importance, simply wheeling them out through the castle tunnels was not an option.

How we did it:

After making up a platform out of padded pallets, we used a pallet truck and lifting straps to manoeuvre each of the cannons gently to the other end of the medieval tunnels. The cannons were then wrapped in protective covers, ready for their return once the restoration is completed.

Having completed this task, we were then asked to move the king’s bed in the main keep of the castle. The bed required moving so the carpet it was stood on could be sent away for cleaning.

As these historic sites are open to the public, objects are always going to be in need of attention and require cleaning and/or repairs.

A curator told us a lovely anecdote about a recent visit to the castle by some students on a school trip and of her horror at finding a young man in the king’s bed with all his friends taking photos. This alone, while light-hearted, is one of reasons why moving antique specialists like ourselves are always needed at historic sites to ensure that objects are looked after with the care and attention they deserve, in order to preserve them for the enjoyment of future generations.

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