Domestic removals London – Tips when moving home to London


There are lots of aspects involved with moving home. As well as the planning and preparation, you’ve got packing, de-cluttering and possibly organising storage to think about. If you’re moving home in London, there are even more things to take into consideration.

1. Negotiating the traffic


Roads in London aren’t known for being easy to get around, particularly during rush hour, so allow plenty of time to get from A to B during your move. Familiarise yourself with the routes you need to take, and identify if there are any shortcuts. Even better, take the hassle out of planning the journey by hiring a house removal London business. A removals London firm will have the experience to know which are the best routes, and how long the journey should take.

2. Consider parking


Parking in London is a nightmare at the best of times, but when you’re moving to a new abode in the city, consider if there will be a place to park a vehicle and unload your belongings. This is especially important if you don’t have off-street parking, the road is busy or narrow, or you may need a parking permit.

Contact the local council where you’ll be moving to, to find out if you’ll need a parking permit for when you move. Removal companies in London will be able to advise if you need a permit, and may be able to organise this themselves as part of their moving services.

There are some roads in London where you aren’t allowed to park at all, in order to prevent congestion. These roads are part of the Red Route network, and are some of the busiest roads in the capital. If you’re moving to a road that’s part of the Red Route network, you’ll need to apply for special permission from Transport for London to park here whilst you unload.

3. Don’t forget the Congestion Charge


If you’ll be travelling within central London during the moving process, remember to pay the Congestion Charge. You can do this prior to travel, on the same day, or by midnight of the following day. Make sure you make this payment promptly, otherwise you’ll be hit with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

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