Domestic removals and moving mirrors and pictures

Moving house can be one of the most stressful days of your life. With this in mind, and having helped with many removals in Kent, we’ve put together some top tips on how to pack the easiest-to-break items in your household: mirrors and picture frames. Hopefully, you’ll package your breakables securely, minimising the trauma of a broken antique or cherished photo whilst moving home.

Packing supplies you will need

– Cardboard boxes or spare cardboard – for secure packaging.
– Packing paper – to shield hands from glass and protect the glass from cracks.
– Bubble wrap – to absorb knocks and bumps.
– Packing tape – to create a strong, safe package.
– A set of markers – for labelling your belongings as “FRAGILE”.

Packing pictures tips

Step 1 – Remove all pictures from walls, shelves and secure areas of the home.

Step 2 – Cover all glass with one layer of bubble wrap to protect it. For uncovered artworks, cover with a layer of acid-free tissue paper first to protect paintwork and colours.

Step 3 – Wrap pictures in the packing paper as tightly as you can. Try and make this secure, maybe by adding two or three layers of packing paper.

Step 4 – Wrap your packing paper parcels in bubble wrap to protect against bumps and bangs during transit. Try not to pop any of the bubbles beforehand!

Step 5 – Fill your cardboard boxes with your wrapped pictures, packing out empty edges and corners with more packing paper to ensure their safety. If your pictures are very large in size, try cutting two pieces of cardboard to the size you need and taping this around your large pictures, creating your own box. Add more cardboard strips to the side and corners. When all your cardboard boxes are packed, add extra bubble wrap to the corners for added security.

Packing mirrors tips

Follow the same procedure above when packing your mirror, adding special attention to the mirrored glass as this is, of course, the most important part.

Step 1 – Create an X shape with tape across the mirrored glass to protect the surrounding area if the worst happens and the glass breaks. This keeps the pieces together, saving you from injury or damage to your property.

Step 2 – Add three or four layers of bubble wrap to the front of the mirror first to insulate any bumps or impact during the move.

Step 3 – Following the same method mentioned with the pictures, wrap mirrors in the packing paper as tightly as you can, paying special attention to the bubble wrapped areas.

Step 4 – Wrap your mirrors in bubble wrap, again paying special attention to the mirrored glass.

Step 5 – Pack with cardboard in the same way as you would the pictures, packaging out any loose corners or space around the box, or create your own by cutting cardboard to fit.

With your finished packages, mark with “FRAGILE” around the boxes in large writing. Be sure to keep these separate and advise removals company of their status. For more information, advise or a free domestic removals quote feel free t get in touch