Domestic Removals and Packing Tips from CWraight removals Kent – How to pack fragile items when moving home

No home is complete without those precious and often fragile “nick-nacks”, crockery and ornaments that are often of huge sentimental value. One of the worst parts of handing them over to removal companies in Kent, is the tension of knowing that your much-loved items will survive moving home without cracks, scratches, dents or total destruction.

Here are our top tips from CWraight & Partners, one of the leading removals companies in Kent for giving your fragile items a safe ride when you’re contemplating removals in Kent or removals in London.

Take your time

Packing fragile items can’t be left to chance and takes time. Start as early as possible, and give the process lots of thought.

Oddly shaped things – such as items with protruding handles – are going to need extra care and planning, including possibly creating cardboard structures to surround and support them before they go into their appropriately sized packing box.

Always place the heaviest, largest things at the bottom of the box and don’t forget to label them which way is up!

Get the right supplies

You could go “old school” and rely heavily on wrapping everything in newspaper. Apart from creating a lot of dirty belongings, newspaper doesn’t cushion things that well. Fragile items were the reason bubble wrap was invented. It comes into its own to fasten around oddly shaped items to place them in a “bubble” of bubble wrap.

You will also need all the standard supplies for packing for a move, such as boxes of all shapes and sizes, packing paper and cloths if you have them (tea towels and pillow cases come in useful). The cloths are to cushion and support, but you would always be better to wrap things in paper first as this creates a better “non-slip” surface and can be taped down.

One of your most important items you need is a thick marker pen (preferably red) to use to label boxes FRAGILE.

Don’t let things move around while you move

One of the main reasons fragile items can suffer on a domestic removal journey is they can move around and rub against each other. This is where newspaper does come in handy as it is one of the things you can use (scrunched up) to fill gaps in boxes keeping everything stable. Use paper and cloths too.

If possible, put fragile items in smaller boxes, within big boxes, rather than putting all your precious cargo in the same space.

Think heavy

When you are placing fragile things in a box, it is a good idea to line the inside with cloth to cushion the contents. You also need to make sure it is a sturdy box, with evenly distributed weight. Double tape the bottom.

You might be surprised how heavy your fragile stuff is once it is all together so don’t overload the box. If you overfill boxes the pressure can build up as the items move, causing catastrophe.

Plates, Glassware, Cups and Bowls

Group like-sized things together, then you can stack them in neat interlocking “towers” (heaviest/biggest at the bottom).

Each item should be individually wrapped in paper, almost like you are gift wrapping them.

Plates should be placed vertically in a box. Pressure from above on a horizontal stack of plates can have disastrous results.

Mirrors and pictures

“Gift wrapping” each of these in paper should involve a few different layers and folds from different angles. The aim is not just to stop them rubbing against each other or some other item, but also to make sure the glass is well supported in its frame and doesn’t shift in transit.

Just like your plates, stack them vertically in the box.

Spotlight on packing lamps

Dismantle the different parts of the lamp if possible, so you can wrap each in bubble wrap. Don’t forget to wrap the plug – it might not break but it can push into something else causing damage. Put the lamp base-down in the box.

Best advice of all

We saved the most important piece of advice until last. If you are concerned about packing fragile items or transporting fragile items when you move, then you need to look around for reliable and trustworthy partners among removal companies Kent.

So give us a ring to chat about packing your items up, because when it comes to moving home, we really know what it means to “handle with care”.