Tops tips from your local removal company in Kent to help you move house

Cwraight Removals is a local removal company in Kent to help you with your house move. Moving home should be an enjoyable experience but can prove to be a stressful exercise if not properly planned. It is important to get the right domestic removal professionals to help you move home by providing you with the right advice and professional support for a stress-free move.

C Wraight Removals have been providing domestic removals in Kent, London and the rest of the UK for over 70 years and can assist you with your moving requirements. Our team of removal experts have also put together a Moving Checklist to help you plan your project and keep the key steps of the removal process in mind.

Prior to the move:

  1. Confirm your removal date with your removals company
  2. Sign, complete and return the contract and subscribe to an insurance at the declared value
  3. Arrange mail redirection
  4. Inform regular subscription services of your new address
  5. Contact your utility suppliers and notify them of your move
  6. Contact your local council regarding your move and check if you are untitled to a council tax rebate
  7. Organise utility connections at your new home (e.g. telephone, broadband, TV, Gas, Electricity) and get in touch with your new home’s local council to activate the services from the day of the move.
  8. Start going through your belongings and identify the items you will not need to keep.  Give them away to charity shops, friends or sell them.
  9. Make a list of all the key personal contacts to be informed of the move
  10. Get some packing equipment (cardboard, bubble wrap, tape) and ask for some advice from your removal company or equipment
  11. Start packing non-essential items
  12. Contact your local GP & Dentist to de-register and find local practioners in your new location to register with them
  13. Start planning furniture placement and location in your new home
  14. Contact the insurance company to transfer cover for contents in the new home
  15. Notify your bank of any changes for the standing order, direct debit information
  16. Prepare and finalise packing items such as pictures, mirrors, curtains and other furniture and start dismantling any flat pack furniture
  17. Confirm exact planning, times and emergency contact details with the removal team
  18. If you have a pet or kids, make sure they are looked after on the day
  19. Disconnect key appliances such as cooker, telephone, washing machine etc and defrost the freezer
  20. Make sure you take care of your jewellery, money and small valuables personally
  21. Take meter readings and pictures or your new and old homes

On the day

  1. Lock your old house and hand the keys in and make sure you leave any useful information in the old house for the new tenants (e.g. meter readings, appliance instructions etc)
  2. Complete cleaning of the old house

At your new House

  1. Make sure all services – electric, water and gas – are working.
  2. Boil the kettle
  3. Don’t try to unpack everything on the first day

If you have any questions or require further information or to request a quote, get in touch with our team of removals specialists and we will be happy to help.