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The rapid development of digital technology in the twenty-first century means that most of us have an array of electronic equipment in our homes, from flat-screen TVs and gaming consoles to computers, home theatre systems and smart kitchen appliances. 

All of these devices and gadgets help to make our lives easier and more enjoyable, but when it comes to moving home, they can pose their own problems. Not only is electronic equipment often sensitive and fragile, it is usually fairly expensive, and the last thing you want to be doing in your new home is replacing a television or computer that was damaged during the move. 

As a leading London removals company, we know that moving electronic items requires extra care, so we’ve put together this short guide on how to safely move your expensive technology. 

1. Preparing electronics for packing


The best way to move smaller electronic items, such as laptops and tablets, is to use carry cases that are designed to secure and protect the equipment during transit. But for larger items, there are a number of steps that you can take before packing to help the process go more smoothly. 

• Before you unplug and dismantle your equipment, take a photograph of the relevant connections. This will make it easier to reconnect your devices in your new home. 

• Use coloured tape or tags to mark all of your wires, which should also speed up the re-connection process. 

• Roll up cables and wires, securing them with rubber bands or cable ties so that they can be packed along with the relevant device. 

• Make sure that you remove all discs, memory sticks and external drives from your devices, and if you’re moving a printer, take out the ink or toner cartridge and seal it in a plastic bag.

• Remove batteries from electronic devices, particularly if there is a risk that they may be subjected to significant heat during the move. 

2. Choosing the right packing materials


The best packing equipment for electronic devices is the original boxes that they came in. This packaging is designed to keep the product safe throughout transportation from the manufacturer, so is the ideal material. If you don’t have the original packaging, you should aim to use sturdy boxes that are just big enough for the equipment you are packing, or you can contact C Wraight, who can supply ‘electronics boxes’ – double-walled packaging that is ideal for transporting electronic equipment. 

Before packing your electronic equipment, you can wrap them in soft packing paper, that will minimise the risk of dust entering the device, and offer additional cushioning during transit. Anti-static bubble wrap is another essential, as this dissipates static charge and offers more cushioning protection. 

3. How to pack your electronic devices


Our experience as a leading Kent removals company has given us plenty of insight into the potential pitfalls associated with transporting electronic devices. Using a reliable and skilled removals company removes much of the risk and uncertainty involved in moving this type of equipment, and you can also reduce the risk of damage by following these steps to effective packing:

• Secure the base of each box to prevent the box from breaking during removal

• Create a shock absorbing effect by adding crumpled newspapers or thick towels to the bottom of each box. 

• Wrap small electronic devices in packing paper, then add a sheet of bubble wrap and tape the whole bundle securely before putting them into their containers. 

• For larger items, pad the sides and tops of the boxes in which they are placed with bubble wrap, crumpled newspaper or thick towels. 

• Ensure all relevant power cords, cables and manuals are packed with the relevant device

• Make sure all boxes are labelled with details of their contents and tightly sealed with packing tape so that dust can’t enter during the move or during any period of storage. 

4. Call on the experts


As with many aspects of house removals, the safe transportation of electronic devices has to be planned thoroughly and carried out with diligence and care. At C Wraight, we have decades of experience in home removals, and our highly trained staff know how to pack and handle your expensive, fragile electronic equipment safely and effectively. Get in touch with C Wraight Removals today and find out how we can help your home move to run smoothly.