Inventory when moving home

Moving to a new house is a hectic, sometimes chaotic experience no matter how far in advance you’ve tried to be organised and plan ahead for your move. One of the most important things to consider when moving house is to create an inventory for everything you are planning to pack up and move to your new home.

You don’t want to be unpacking and all of a sudden realise you’ve left some of your belongings behind, especially if you’re moving a long way from your current home. Below we’ve explained how you can create a home inventory before you move, and highlighted the benefits of doing so!

Benefits of a home inventory list

One of the key benefits of creating a home inventory list is that it helps you to clarify exactly what it is you own, and how much organisation it will take to carefully pack everything away. Once you’re clear about how much stuff you have to transport you’ll be able to book your removal support appropriately. Most people are amazed by how much they actually want to move in the end, and you’re likely to need a bigger vehicle than you think. Don’t leave booking your transport to the last minute, as you could be left disappointed that the correct size vehicle you need is unavailable.

Another benefit of creating a home inventory is you can reassess whether you actually need all the belongings you own. If you feel you have items no longer of use to you, you can sell, recycle or pass them onto a charity shop, decluttering your belongings before you move. It will also highlight to you if you are going to invest in new items of furniture, or homeware to suit your new property.

By creating a home inventory list, you’ll be able to budget a more specific cost of your move too, taking into consideration boxes and packaging, transport and potentially multiple trips. You can plan both the time and effort that will be required to make your home move a success once you’re aware of how much you wish to take with you.

How to create an inventory

First, you need to set time aside ahead of your move to ensure you get through every item in your home that you want to take with you when you move. Give yourself more time than you think is necessary as you will find life interrupts your plans and you could easily miss items. Decide which form of documentation you’ll use – excel is very popular for its layout and the fact it’s backed up on a computer and can’t be lost as easily as a piece of paper. Next, you should work through your home room by room documenting every item you want to take with you, to create a thorough and complete home inventory.

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