How to take care of your plants when moving home – Tips from CWraight Removals Kent


At CWraight removals, our decades of experience in providing a reliable removals Kent service has given us insights into every aspect of moving home including plants. For many people, transporting their plants to their new house is a vital part of their move, so we have put together a short guide offering helpful tips and advice to help ensure that your beloved plants arrive at your new home in good condition.

1. Deciding on what to take

It is important to remember that when it comes to house sales, plants are considered to be part of the fixtures and fittings. You may wish to take all your lovingly cultivated plants with you, but if your garden was part of the attraction for your buyer, then this could lead to disputes. If you intend to take some or all of your plants with you, it is a good idea to discuss this with the buyer to avoid any unwelcome disagreements or stress on moving day.

2. Consider the season

From a horticultural perspective, the best time to move is the dormant season between October and February, but this also usually coincides with a quiet time in the housing market. If you need to move plants during the summer, remember to take extra soil with each plant, perhaps as much as six inches, to allow the plants to continue to grow. A reputable removals company such as CWraight removals will also ensure that the roots are not damaged during the move.

3. Quantity and Space

Not only does a new home represent a new beginning, it offers the exciting challenge of planning out a new garden. But make sure that all of your plants will fit in the new property, and work out roughly where each one is going. It is also important to liaise with your removals company to ensure that are aware of the number and size of plants that you wish to transport.

4. Plan ahead

A couple of months before the move, it can be a good idea to prune climbing plants to restrict their growth and make them easier to transport. Remember to also take cuttings from your favourite plants and refresh plants in pots with new plant compost so they can be as healthy as possible for the move. And speak to your removals company about your plants. At CWraight removals, we make sure that we allow enough room in our removal vehicles to safely store your plants.

5. A week before moving home

As your garden furniture and plants will be in the same van as your other household furniture, you don’t want them to be wet, so around a week before the move date, move your outside plants and furniture to a dry area such as your garage, allowing them to dry out for moving day.

6. Pots and troughs

Whenever we are asked to move plants, we take great care to ensure they are safely transported, but the removals process can be made even more secure by ensuring that plants in pots and troughs are checked for frost injury or other potential problems that could cause damage to the pots, troughs or plants when they are moved on the day.

7. Moving day: outside plants

To move outdoors plants, ensure that you wrap the root ball in plastic sheets, checking that the soil is damp. For moves during cold weather, it’s a good idea to use bubble-wrap for extra insulation. Plants that aren’t in pots can be boxed up and stabilized with canes for the duration of the move, and if you are moving in hot weather, it is better to spray plants before they are transported, rather than watering them directly.

8. Moving day: inside plants

Remember to drain excess water from pots. If your plant pots are breakable, let your removals company know so that they can take extra care with them. If you have any unboxed plants these can be packaged in newspaper for protection.

9. Settling in

It is important to try to settle your plants in as soon as you can after moving in. If it is not possible to plant them properly straight away, simply dig a whole and cover up the roots to protect them from frost. After they are planted, it is important to water them well and keep them healthy with fertilizer until they are settled, which can take up to a year with large shrubs or trees.


At CWraight removals London, we have decades of experience through our work as a removals London company and our personalised removals service is dedicated to helping ensure that your move runs smoothly. We understand that for many people, making sure that their plants are properly cared for is a crucial aspect of moving home and that’s why as part of our commitment to assisting clients at every stage of their move, we can take care of your precious plants, packing, transporting and delivering them safely to your new home.