How are we going to move that!? A CWraight Removals Kent guide to moving challenging items


You don’t need us to tell you that moving home is stressful. In fact, there are few things we undertake in life that are more difficult. With everything that you have to deal with during a house move it is easy to overlook some important potential problems, and one of the most commonly neglected areas is how to move challenging items.

Unfortunately, leaving it to the last minute can add unnecessary layers of stress and complication to your move. At C Wraight removals, we have over 17 years experience as a removals company Kent. In that time we have moved some of the strangest items you can imagine, including Doctor Who’s Tardis, lighthouse batteries and the cannon from the Dover Castle! We have put together a short guide that will hopefully give you some useful pointers on how to plan the removal of your challenging items.

Moving Plants

Plants are notoriously tricky to move as they can be highly sensitive to changes in temperature, but it is possible, with adequate preparation, to significantly reduce the risk of damage during your domestic removal. For more information on how to successfully move your precious plants please check out our recent guide on the subject.

Moving Home with Pets

For our little furry, scaly or feathered friends, the moving process can be just as stressful as it is for us, and cats and dogs in particular can find the whole thing confusing.

Cats and dogs

Cats and dogs are sensitive to environmental changes and can find moving to a new home extremely stressful. It’s a good idea to keep them at your old property for as long as possible and to be kind, patient and understanding with them throughout the move.


Fish are extremely delicate, which is why many moving guides recommend giving them away to someone who lives nearby. But it is possible to maximise your underwater friends’ chances of surviving the move by preparing a container filled with some of the water from the fish’s old tank. Live plants from your aquarium can also be transported in the same way.


Terrariums that hold reptiles or amphibians can be moved in the same way as aquariums, with the only difference being the need to ensure the containers holding the creatures are secure. Nobody wants to deal with an escaped snake or tarantula on moving day!

Bird cages

Compared to other pets, your feathered friend is easy to move, as it can stay in its cage. Just make sure to line the cage with paper, and plenty of seeds and juicy fruit, as the water bottle will be removed. The cage can be secured with cable ties and covered with a light cloth.

Moving Heavy and bulky items

Remember the stress of trying to get your sofa into your home; the frustration and arguments over how to get it through the door? Well imagine that, but the other way round!

Still, moving large or heavy items need not be a headache. A professional removal service can help you to plan the removal of your heavy items by measuring doorways, tight corners and staircases, and ensuring that these items are moved in the most efficient order.

Moving Furniture

If your bulky furniture can be dismantled, it is a good idea to do so, keeping fittings and screws in a sealed bag attached to the furniture. If dismantling is impossible, you can empty all drawers and cabinets to make it easier to move.

Moving Kitchen appliances

The main problem with kitchen appliances is weight, rather than shape. Make sure that all appliances are empty and drained of water, and tape up internal shelves and drawers. A professional removal service will secure your kitchen appliances correctly in the van so that they don’t slide around and suffer damage in transit.

Moving Pianos

Not only are pianos extremely heavy, they also contain internal mechanisms that are easily damaged during removals. The best approach to moving a piano is to hire a professional removals company with experience in this specialist area.

Moving Fragile items

Every household has a few fragile items and these have to be treated with care. Wrap them up carefully and ensure that all boxes containing fragile items are labelled.

Moving Glassware and China

Bubblewrap is the best material for protecting glassware and China. Each item should be wrapped separately and all items should be packed with plenty of material between each to ensure that they are not knocking against each other.

Moving Art and Antiques

Artwork and art collections are among the most valuable items you are likely to move. Cardboard can be used to cover and protect the backboard and glass, and bubble wrap will keep the whole package safe. A better option for moving art, however, is to call on a specialist removals firm with experience of handling expensive and delicate items.

Moving Electronics

The ideal way to pack electronic items is in the original box with its polystyrene supports. But if that isn’t an option, you can use a suitable cardboard box that is filled with padding, or better still, ask your removals company to provide you with the right packing materials.

Moving Specialist equipment

Home gyms and tools should be moved in specialist removal crates, and a professional removals service such as C Wraight will be able to provide these, as well as ensure that the items are properly packed. Gym equipment should be dismantled carefully while any tools that are fuel-powered should be emptied of fuel before packing.

Special permit items

Some items such as firearms and ammunition require permits and registration. It is important to make sure that all such paperwork is completed ahead of the move date so that you are not inadvertently breaking the law. In most cases, firearms will have hard cases designed for secure storage and transport, but you should make sure that you comply with all regulations concerning the transport of such items.

So there you have it! Hopefully, this guide will give you a few pointers on how to plan the removal of challenging items. At C Wraight, our decades of experience in removals Kent and removals London equips us to provide a tailored, professional service to all our clients. Get in touch with us today and let us help you take the stress out of moving tricky items.