Moving a piano? Read these essential tips from CWraight Removals

Pianos pose a particular problem when it comes to moving house. A hefty weight combined with an awkward shape, easily scratchable surface and delicate internal mechanics add up to a major puzzle if you want to ensure your piano arrives safely in your new home. So what are the most important issues to consider when moving a piano?

Pianos are delicate

That might sound counter-intuitive. After all, a typical piano can weigh up to half a ton. But although it looks bulky and can certainly give you back strain if you try to wrestle it out of the door, a piano is essentially a precision instrument. It features as many as a thousand moving parts and two hundred strings, and damage to any one of these elements can lead to a costly repair bill. The same applies to the surface of the instrument, which is easily scratched.

Can’t I just move it myself?

You might be tempted to try to cut costs by moving your piano yourself. Be warned, however, this is a very risky undertaking. Many people who go down this route find that it can end up costing them a lot more if their piano is damaged in the process. Even if you manage to move the piano without breaking any of its components, attempting to carry such a large and weighty piece of furniture without training or experience can lead to injury.

Specialist Equipment

Expert piano movers use specialist equipment to handle the process of moving these items safely without damage and without physical injury. Experienced piano removers are trained in the use of equipment such as piano trolleys and dolly trucks, which enable them to quickly and safely transport these large yet delicate pieces of furniture.

CWraight Removals understand pianos

At CWraight Removals, we understand the issues associated with moving a piano. Our professionals are trained in every aspect of piano removal, from knowing the safest method for lifting and twisting an upright, to the correct way to disassemble a grand piano.

As an expert removals company, we have established an outstanding reputation for piano removals, and are the first choice for a number of piano dealers in Kent and London. We are often charged with taking on challenges that other piano dealers wouldn’t and we have been responsible for moving rare and expensive pianos all around the UK. As part of our coming projects we will be moving over 120 pianos and grand pianos for a major auction gallery later this year so watch this space as we will write a story about it soon.

With our piano moving services, you will be in the hands of fully insured, fully trained and accredited removals staff. We use the latest in piano moving equipment and can handle piano storage and European and international shipping.

Our seventy years of experience as a Kent removals and removals London company have enabled us to establish the expertise to handle the removal of antique, fine arts and pianos all over the UK. Whether you want to move your piano to another room or to your new home, we approach every piano removal with a high degree of care and attention. By trusting your piano removal Kent or piano removal London to C.Wraight, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your valuable piano is being handled by experts.