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CWraight hit the right note!


As a highly respected Kent removals and London removals company, we have had the chance to work with many distinguished clients, including Canterbury Auction Galleries. Our work with this client invariably provides new and exciting challenges, so when managing director Tony Pratt got in touch to ask if we could help with an important piano and harpsichord removals project, we jumped at the chance.

The Piano Removals Experts

As a result of our decades of experience in working with auction houses, museums and other organisations, we have established a reputation as piano removals experts, and we are the first port of call for many piano dealers in the south east. Our work often involves taking on challenges that other removals companies are unable to meet, and over the years, we have safely moved some of the world’s rarest and most expensive pianos.

The Piano Challenge

Canterbury Auction Galleries needed an expert antique removals and piano removals Kent based company to safely move a large private collection to the auction site in Bethersden, Kent. The collection consisted of 114 grand pianos, square pianos and harpsichords, and is one of the world’s biggest. The process of handling extremely old and fragile pianos is an art in itself and requires a great deal of dedication and care. I’m delighted to be able to say that every single item in the collection was moved safely and with a high standard of professionalism. Some of our members of staff had never worked with pianos of this vintage or value, so in addition to being a tremendous opportunity, it was a wonderful learning experience. Our team worked under the supervision of director Stephen Christopher, who has worked in this business for 35 years and has experience of moving every type and shape of piano. We moved all of the pianos safely into position so that they could be catalogued and photographed. This was a long and painstaking job, requiring a great deal of patience and care, which included frequent adjustments to the position of each piano to facilitate the best possible photograph for the auction catalogue.

Mission Accomplished!

As well as handling the safe removal of the pianos, we were also happy to act as auction porters, both before and after the auction itself. This involved assisting prospective purchasers prior to the auction, and loading the pianos onto clients’ vehicles so they could drive their purchases away. After a successful auction, all of the items have now been collected and delivered to shippers, to begin the journey to their new homes. Some will be heading to the United States, Europe and China, while the rest will stay in the UK. We are looking forward to our next big removals challenge, but let’s hope it’s not as heavy!

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