Domestic removals – Choosing the right removal company

Moving home is a stressful experience and you don’t need problems with your removal company in Kent to make it worse. It is important that you find a company that puts your needs first.

Which services do you want?

When researching domestic removals companies, it is important that you have a clear idea of what you want from them. If you want someone to pack up your belongings, make sure they offer that service, or you will find the whole process even more stressful.

Set your budget

Remember that the cheapest company is not necessarily the right company. Moving house can be an expensive time, but make sure you don’t let cost guide you completely. You do need to make sure the company is going to do a professional job, within your budget.

Company location and size

Company location is an important consideration, and for a more personal service use a local, small, family firm rather than a national or international company.

Take up references

Because the removals company are going to have control of all your prized possessions, it is a good idea to take up references. There is no point using a company who have had lots of complaints made by customers because they have been careless and damaged property.

CWraight Removals have been in business since 1947, helping homeowners and businesses, including English Heritage, move their belongings.

Get a written quotation

When approaching a removal company for moving home, you should ask for a written quotation, which states exactly what is and what is not included, as well as confirmation of the moving date. Some companies will include dismantling furniture in the cost, but others will not. Make sure they know what you need them to do. Don’t forget that flammable substances such as paint and gas cannot be moved by the company, as it will invalidate their insurance. Make alternative arrangements for moving these.

Are they easy to contact?

The company should be easy to contact and take your queries seriously. If you are moving home in Kent, and want to use a local, long-established company specialising in domestic removals in Kent, contact our team for a personal quotation.

CWraight removals are a removals company established for over 70 years in Ashford Kent and specialising in domestic removals, antique removals and commercial removals. Please contact our team of experts for any questions or removal project you may have.