Removals Kent – Moving home with children and pets

The saying goes that you should never work with children or animals. Well the headaches and stress of that are magnified greatly when you are moving home with little ones of any shape or category!

After the deal is sealed and you have booked a reliable domestic removals company, what can you do next to make sure your children and pets are transferred to your new home with the minimum amount of disruption?

Selling the house move to children

Certainly where children are concerned, working well in advance of the house move date can reap dividends. Leaving it to the last possible minute to spring the surprise that their lives are just about to undergo a major change rarely proves a good idea.

Introduce the concept of the move in small, easy to understand chunks of information, to gradually win them round. Big up the reasons why a new house is a great idea but keep it on their level – bigger bedroom, better garden, closer to a park and so on.

Better still is if you can take children on regular visits to their new home area to show them fun places. The more familiar they are with the property and its environment, the less daunting it will seem.

A word of caution on planning ahead – though preparing your children by giving them information often works, getting them to pack well in advance sometime backfires. Bereft of their favourite toys and clothes for days on end, or sleeping in a bare bedroom can be unsettling and upsetting.

Leave them surrounded by the familiar things they love for as long as possible, then unpack it quickly at your new home.

Keep your cool when moving home

Moving house – even supported by the most professional removal services – is a traumatic time for the grown-ups, let alone the little ones.

However, a positive attitude is just as contagious as an air of panic and anxiety. If parents seem relaxed and happy to be moving, then children take their cues from that. It’s easier said than done, we know, especially if your little cherub decides that moving day is a signal for a major meltdown. However, distract and encourage them by involving them in a task they may enjoy.

Give them jobs to do that make them feel grown up and trusted, such as carrying a precious item of yours (preferably non-breakable).

Pets and children partnership when moving home

If you have a pet, then this can be a great way of recruiting support from children and keeping them occupied.

Once they have been reassured that Tibbles the cat, Fido the dog or Rufus the rabbit will be really happy in their new location, put your children in charge of looking after them on the move (caged or on laps).

It’s amazing how a bit of responsibility and care of a loved pet can calm even the most anxious child.

Pet transport priorities and moving house

If for any reason moving your pet to its new location is not something that can be achieved in your car, then talk to a specialist removal company as early as possible. Discuss any special needs or considerations well in advance (consult a vet if necessary). This will put your own mind at rest and give you time to start planning crates, transport and other arrangements.

Timing can be crucial when pets are involved. Make sure they start and end the house move with a familiar face and smell to comfort them, and they are not in crates or unfamiliar vehicles for longer than necessary. Have their beds and toys ready at their new home.

Taking them on a visit to the new property ahead of the process of moving home can sometimes prove soothing too.

For house removals in Kent involving all manner of furred, feathered and sticky-handed small ones, contact CWraight removals Kent to make your move a happy experience.