Moving antiques, art and collectables in London


Moving antiques from a gallery or showroom can be a tricky task. Fragile ceramics, high-value artworks and sentimental family heirlooms require specialist attention. At C. Wraight & Partners, we’ve been carrying out London antique removals for many years. Working with business owners across antiques, arts and collectables, we understand the difficulties faced when transporting valuables. With a few insider tips from our expert team of London removal specialists, you can rest easy knowing your precious collection is in safe hands.

1. Experience

The key to success in antiques and fine arts removals is experience. Some of our clients include English Heritage, the Royal Collection at Windsor Castle and Canterbury Auction Gallery. Our team are highly skilled and trained in every aspect of antique removals. Every day we move delicate glassware, oil paintings, grandfather clocks and vintage furniture with the greatest care and attention.

2. Packing

Working with clients to assess needs is crucial to a successful move. There is nothing worse than the anticipation of unwrapping your belongings and finding damage or breakages. C. Wraight and Partners can provide specialist crates and packaging advice for fine arts and antique removals. All items are packaged according to material with extra foam, polystyrene and bubble wrap used to protect items and areas prone to damage.

Consider where your item is going. Antique furniture in storage shouldn’t be wrapped in plastic as this can lead to mould growth and damage. Porcelain, crystals and paintings require staffing materials and wooden crates for safe transportation. Large and unusual items may need a custom-built crate to protect from impact during the move.

You may decide to pack your antiques yourself. When doing so, ensure boxes are clearly labelled. We can provide you with clear guidelines to follow on furniture wrapping, meaning we can move your valuables as safely as possible.

3. Insurance

As London removal specialists, we recommend having high-value items appraised prior to your move. Assessing the correct value through an expert valuation will help you to purchase a full value protection for your antiques, art and collectables. Ensuring they are covered for their true value is crucial, particularly when transporting goods from sellers and to customers. C. Wraight can work with you to provide a moving liability that is affordable and gives peace of mind.

Moving antiques and fine arts from home to storage or auction house to customer is always challenging. Using C.Wraight & Partners as your London removals company gives you a highly skilled team with extensive experience to ensure safe transportation of precious goods. Follow our tips above to get started and avoid the pitfalls and worries that come with moving precious and valuable items.

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