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A wine collection can be a fine adornment to any property. For some people their wine collection is one of their most treasured aspects of their home, and some collections are enormous, containing bottles that date back decades.

But whatever the size of your wine collection, it does come with one big disadvantage: it is not easy to move. When it comes to home removals, wine is a specialist item that requires professional handling. At C Wraight, we have over 70 years experience of specialist removals and we are well placed to offer advice on the most important factors to consider when moving home with your wine collection.

How big is your collection?

To an extent, this is subjective, but for practical purposes, if you can’t fit your wine collection into your car, then you should consider it to be a significant size! Most importantly, if your wine collection is this large, you should seek the help of professionals to ensure it is moved safely.

How valuable is it?

The more valuable your wine collection, the more care it requires during transportation. A professional moving company will have access to climate-controlled vehicles, which can ensure that the wine doesn’t suffer any temperature degradation during the journey.

Weather and distance

This factor is related to the issue of value. Fluctuating temperatures are a major threat to the integrity of wine, so moving during the summer or winter, when temperatures are at their most extreme, can pose the biggest threat to the collection; a threat that can be increased if your new home is some distance away.

As a company with considerable experience of moving specialist items, we have the expertise and equipment to ensure minimal damage to wine collections during any move.

How to move a wine collection

These are the basic steps to work through before you can move your wine collection:

  • Obtain a valuation. This will enable you to give your removals company an idea of the value of your collection, so if there is an accident, you will be fully insured.
  • Check relevant customs laws. If you are moving to another country, it is important to check whether there are rules in place concerning the transport of large quantities of wine and to take the precaution of obtaining the relevant permission or authorisation.
  • Pack the wine. Bottles should be packed on their side, which keeps the corks wet, and packaged in specially-designed cardboard moving boxes.
  • Keep the wine at the right temperature. Specialist removals companies know the importance of maintaining the ambient temperature at 12 degrees Celcius when transporting wine.
  • After your move, allow the wine to rest. Movement is not ideal for wine and relocation will worsen it, so allow it seven days of rest after a relocation to avoid flavour loss.
  • Don’t wait till the last minute before hiring professional movers. An expert removal company like C Wraight may be in great demand, so make sure you contact them early enough, and make sure that you ask us about our insurance and fill in our high value inventory form.


Hopefully this guide will help you successfully plan how to move your treasured wine collection. At C Wraight we have considerable experience in helping people to transport valuable specialist items, so if you are planning a removal in Kent or a removal in London, get in touch with us today and let us help you take the stress out of moving your wine.